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Computer technician and I.T. consultatant operating on Anglesey
About BMH Computers
I began BMH Computers in 2004 with a keen interest in building computer systems, correcting hardware and software faults, and supplying computer parts and accessories - from desktop systems and laptops to single ink cartridges. That same interest continues today; except I visit my clients, often by bicycle, rather than confining myself to an office or shop.
I have developed a loyal customer base across Anglesey, and beyond, that appreciate the professional, reliable and trustworthy service I provide, and I appreciate their regular custom in return. My services are flexible and my business has adapted over the years as technology has changed - from building robust and bulky powerful gaming systems, to supplying laptops, helping to configure tablets, e-book readers, and smartphones, and the wi-fi equipment they rely on.
The service I provide is also unique to my ethical conscience - not only do I often cycle to my clients, I also try to avoid treating technology as a throw-away commodity. If I do need to supply something new or if something does need disposing of, then I am keen to consider and promote greener and less wasteful options.

 - Brian Harris
Proprietor of BMH Computers


BMH Computers is a small independent business in the UK that the proprietor Brian Harris set up at the beginning of 2004. It offers a mobile computer assistance service on the Isle of Anglesey, and it provides a wide variety of I.T. products and services...

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Some technical stuff...

BMH Computers is located on the Isle of Anglesey in the UK, generally the products and services provided are done so with local customers in mind. You are welcome to get in touch to discuss your requirements if you live further afield.

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Privacy: Dealing with the computers and devices of others' often involves handling sensitive and personal information. I pride myself on handling such data with the utmost care and integrity. In addition to providing instruction on how clients can keep their data secure I also offer data-destruction services.  




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