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BMH Computers and Coronavirus

Concerned about Covid? Not a problem; I'm happy to work around my clients in a flexible manner. Please read the following regarding my services…

 - Brian
Proprietor of BMH Computers



cyclistI normally visit my clients to assist with their computer and tech issues at their premises, charging for my time accordingly. This is how I earn a living. It is also an enjoyable way for me to live; cycling to and from different locations, meeting different people, shaking hands, and enjoying the hospitality of tea, coffee, biscuits (even cake!), and a bit of a chat along the way.

We are requested to social-distance and limit our contact with others, and some are keen to follow this more strictly, but I will continue to offer and provide my services as best as possible; generally it's easy enough to carry on as normal.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

 • If I am able to provide a simple solution over the phone, I will.

 • If you email me or contact me through my website, I will do my best to help you out or point you in the right direction for a solution.

 • If necessary I can collect a problem system and return it to you at your convenience, keeping a safe social distance as required.

• I can visit you and keep a distance while I work on your devices.

It is rarely as simple as telling you what you need to click on. Not meeting you or your computer face-to-face often makes getting to the bottom of a problem and resolving it all the more challenging and sometimes more time-consuming.

I enjoy resolving tech issues; it’s satisfying, if only a little stressful at times! I think we all realise (especially now) how much we rely on our devices.

The only problem that remains is how to charge for my services and continue to earn a living if I’m unable to visit my clients as normal and for them to see or appreciate how much time is involved.

The government has generally assisted employed and self-employed people (although some months later) by providing up to 80% or their earnings and SSP.

Fortunately I live by simple means; cycling to clients being an aspect of this, but we all have bills to pay.

Here you can help me help you and others alike stay connected at this time:

Buy Brian a Coffee

A slice of cake

Help him with a bill

Parts for his bike

 Leave Feedback regarding your experiences with using my services.

Here is a handshake for you!



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