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Parts and Products from BMH Computers...
There is a huge variety of party and products I can supply and install, here are some examples...

USB Memory Sticks

Typically Kingston or Sandisk branded
Prices include delivery.
Assistance in using these is available at additional cost.

32GB = 15, 64GB = 25. Delivery included.


Not sure which backup solution is right for you? Get in touch.


Backup Drives

Computer parts can fail, even with a brand new computer, parts can be damaged or files accidentally lost, therefore it is strongly recommended that you keep all of your documents, priceless photos and music collection backed up.
500GB USB Portable Hard Drive
Small, portable and no additional power required.

Available from 79 including delivery
and installation to local customers.


Surge Protection

For laptops 4 sockets are usually adequate and for desktops we recommend 6 sockets. These models from Belkin can also protect the telephone line leading to your broadband router. Belkin also provides equipment warranty cover.

Belkin 4-way = 25
Belkin 6-way = 30
Belkin 8-way = 35
Prices include delivery.
Installation is available at additional cost.


Network Solutions

Whether you need a wi-fi adapter, new router, or the signal extending from existing equipment...

Get in touch with your requirements.


If you live on Anglesey why not call me out to investigate your setup to properly decide the right solution for you?



A laptop's mouse pad is fine for occasional use, but for regular computer use a wireless mouse is the way forward.

Logitech Wireless M235 Mouse = 20
when purchased with a new laptop.


Laptop Carry Cases

Ideal for use when transporting your laptop, or to help keep it safe when not in use.

Available from 15 when purchased with a new laptop.


There are some things I can't practically deliver by bike, for these I recommend the following items from Argos:



Acer 21.5" Monitor
Acer 24" Monitor

21.5" = Currently 79.99 - quote item number 339 / 7129
24" = Currently 99.99 - quote item number 677 / 8611



Epson XP-352 Wi-Fi
Printer / Copier / Scanner
If you need help setting up this device then please get in touch.

Currently 44.99 - quote item number 857 / 4404


Printer Ink Cartridges

Replacement compatible ink cartridges for Epson printers are available from BMH Computers.

From 16 per set including delivery.
Genuine cartridges for HP printers are also available.
Get in touch with your requirements.



500 sheets of A4 paper.
This offer is limited to local customers only.

5 when purchased with ink cartridges.


Products and services from BMH Computers are generally provided with local customers in mind. If you don't live on Anglesey then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Prices and availability are correct as of 23rd September 2019.