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Computer technician and I.T. consultatant operating on Anglesey
Products and Services

BMH Computers is located on the Isle of Anglesey in the UK, generally the products and services provided are done so with local customers in mind. You are welcome to get in touch to discuss your requirements if you live further afield.

Popular work includes:

General health check...
Covering hardware, operating system health, and system security, along with backup tips and general operating advice. A 12 or 6 month computer health check can provide you with peace of mind and prevent some problems from even occurring. You could even save money if you're paying for anti-virus protection.
"I've been hacked!"
From clicking on a dodgy link, to being conned over the phone, there are numerous ways your system and accounts could be compromised. Don't worry, this sort of thing happens to many and BMH Computers is here to help. From just giving things a check over and providing you with peace of mind, to removing unwanted software and cancelling services you've unwittingly signed up for.
"Make it go faster!"
Computers become slower over time - there can be a variety of causes and solutions that BMH Computers can provide... deleting all your files is unlikely to be one of them!
Setting up equipment...
Whether it be a new laptop, tablet computer or phone that needs setting up for the first time, a device connecting to your WiFi network, a printer that needs installing, or files that need transferring, BMH Computers can assist and provide you with useful advice at the same time.
Windows not loading or computer not switching on...
It could simply be a glitch, a hardware failure, or operating system fault - BMH Computers can investigate and provide you with solutions.
Noisy fans...
They often go ignored but ignore the sound of a noisy and worn out fan and it may one day stop working and cause vital parts to overheat - BMH Computers can replace worn out fans and clean out the dust that has collected inside your system.

General help...
A lot of people just want someone to show them where they're going wrong, if they're going about things the right way, or they want to learn if there is a simpler way to get a task done - from organising your photographs to backing up documents. BMH Computers can provide that one-to-one assistance required.

I have developed a loyal customer base across Anglesey and North Wales that appreciate the professional, reliable and trustworthy service I provide, and I appreciate their regular custom in return. My services are flexible and my business has adapted over the years as technology has changed - from building robust and bulky powerful gaming systems, to configuring tablet computers and e-book readers.

All charges for work carried out are based on an hourly rate, please get in touch to either make an appointment or discuss your particular requirements.

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