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Windows 11 Ready?...

Ready for Windows 11?If your computer is running on Windows 10 you may have been prompted to upgrade to Windows 11, or told your computer isn't compatible... Here is the general advice from Brian here at BMH Computers:

Windows 10 'End of Life'
Microsoft will continue supporting Windows 10 (i.e. releasing updates for it) until October 2025, therefore there is no urgency to do anything with your existing Windows 10 system.


- It may be possible for computer to be upgraded to Windows 11 (even if you're still using an earlier version of Windows than 10).
- A replacement computer may be preferable. All new computers supplied by BMH Computers will be compatible with Windows 11.
 - Switch to Linux, an alternative operating system to Windows.

Avoiding e-Waste and switching to Linux:
As said, you can keep using your existing Windows 10 system while it is being supported. After that, you could have your system converted to run Linux instead of Windows. There are many versions of Linux available that are free to download and use and this is something BMH Computers can assist with if you are a local customer.

Having your existing computer upgraded will almost certainly be cheaper than buying a new computer. There is also a risk that a brand new computer could actually have a lower performance.


Further advice:
If your computer is eligible for and compatible with the Windows 11 upgrade and you want to proceed with it, it is highly recommended that your files are backed up first in case anything goes wrong. If your computer currently uses a hard drive then it is recommended that this is replaced with an SSD - a faster type of drive; your existing files can then be transferred to this once Windows 11 has been installed.

BMH Computers is able to assist with all of these things if you are a local customer:

- Checking Windows 11 eligibility
- Assisting with an upgrade
- Backing up files / replacing the hard drive
- Replacing Windows with Linux
- Supplying new and refurbished computers




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