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As well as repairing laptops, Brian at BMH Computers can supply new laptops too... if you live on Anglesey your new laptop will be delivered by a super-green delivery service: He'll typically deliver it by bicycle. It will then be set up ready for you to use.


Brand new 15" Acer Laptop*

This is BMH Computers' example laptop currently available for order. It includes Windows 11 fully setup with the latest Windows updates installed.


Acer 15.6" Laptop
Microsoft Windows 11
Intel i3 Dual Core Processor
USB 2.0 & 3.0
Built in webcam and mic
This laptop does not have a DVD drive

1 year hardware warranty

495 including delivery

Software support for all the computers sold is charged at my hourly rate - please get in in touch to find out more.


Need a wireless mouse, carry case,
a printer, or something else?


Customise your order...

If there is a particular specification, feature, or colour you would like (or don't like!), get in touch and I'll see what I can find to meet your requirements.


Get in touch to enquire or order


What you get...

You get the laptop as illustrated*. Each is brand new. Windows 11 is fully installed along with device drivers for built-in components and all the latest Windows Updates are installed. Please be aware that if you buy an 'off the shelf' laptop from somewhere else, then Windows can be months out of date when you receive it and require time to update once online - the service included from BMH Computers cuts out this hassle.

Free office software in the form of LibreOffice will also be installed. Antivirus software is included in the form of Windows Defender (no annual subscription is required).
If you live on Anglesey then I will personally deliver and set up your new laptop (up to two hours) and I can also transfer files from your old computer, connect the computer to your internet service and install your printer. If you live further afield then your new laptop will be delivered by courier.
Each laptop includes a 1 year hardware warranty. To local customers I will visit you to rectify hardware faults, all other customers will be required to return the laptop to me. Software assistance is available at my hourly rate.
*If this particular laptop isn't available then you will be notified and an alternative suggested.


Windows 11 Ready?Upgrading to Windows 11?

If you're looking to replace your existing Windows 10 system, click here for more options.





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